White shoes are not just STAN SMITH, sneakers are not only old shoes

From Stan Smith to Superstar, from sock boots to old-fashioned shoes to up-and-coming mountaineering/outdoor sneakers, the sneakers are getting hotter and hotter, making them more dazzling. How to choose will not go wrong? Let us guide you.

Large width

The big, wide and thick “stupid” sneakers, although they look a bit ugly and ugly, look more pleasing to the eye, but it is also easy to see more and more. For the sake of cost-effectiveness, choose a plain design to stay in your closet for a little longer.

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Small white shoes

White shoes are so hot, how can Stan Smith only have a choice, look at the choices of other brands, and a variety of “deformation models”, the minimalist white shoes can also become lively and interesting, rich in image.

sports shoes

Skateboard shoes

Have you seen the new work of Jonah Hills in the Mid 90s? This film-focused skateboarding boy’s film is very good, and the skateboard will debut at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The skateboarding shoes are hot and just around the corner.

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high tech

High technology is the future of this world. In order to satisfy more and more people who are keen on sports, the development of high-tech materials is also endless. Choose a high-tech sneaker, not only to go out to wear, but also to keep avant-garde fashion while sweating in the gym!

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